Wix SEO Tutorial | Learn To Optimize Wix for SEO ( Tips & Tricks)

By ajay on October 13, 2018

Wix SEO Tutorial | Learn To Optimize Wix for SEO ( Tips & Tricks)

We all know how internet user increasing day by day, this will open the new opportunity for marketers and business owners.
People come to know that they can expand their business online and earn more. Wix is a Platform which provides a platform to small business owners and marketers to make a website on it without any coding knowledge.
Basically, Wix is a Drag and Drop builder with which anyone can make a website without any web designing experience and certification. You just need to learn to read some guide and tutorial to learn Wix and make an awesome website on it.
Only making a website won’t put any difference in your business, you need to get traffic to your website so people know about it. The best place to get free traffic is Google.
Traffic from Google is Highly targeted and converting. You don’t need to put too much effort to convert a Google user into your client.
You can’t get traffic from Google by just adding your website on it. Your Wesite must be optimized for Google in order to rank in Google.
You Don’t need Too Much Technical Knowledge to Optimize Wix SEO. Follow This Actionable Guide to optimize Your Wix website for SEO.

Is Wix ok for SEO?

I think this is the most asked question by people who want to use Wix for their next website.
Today, I am going to answer this question in brief, which help you to decide whether to choose Wix for your next website or not.

Features which make Wix SEO Friendly

Wix Contain Some Inbuilt Features Which Makes it more SEO Friendly than any other platform.
Let’s Discuss some features Which Make SEO Friendly.

Wix SEO Wiz

Wix SEO Wix is Wix Features Which give tasks to new User Which Help them to make their website SEO Friendly.
It’s Coming with an actionable checklist which helps the user to optimize the website for search engine.
No other platform provides such a feature to their users.
Here some feature Which Wix SEO Wiz Help you to do:

  • It helps you add Meta Title In Your Pages with suggestion
  • It analyzes your content and tells you whether it SEO friendly or not
  • It tells you whether your website mobile friendly or not
  • It helps you to index your website in google by adding it to webmaster
  • It helps you to add meta keyword in, your dashboard and provide your suggestion according to those keywords

Above some of the notable features to Wix SEO Wiz which make Wix SEO friendly.

Inbuilt Speed Optimization

Wix comes with various speed optimization features which makes it a more SEO friendly than any other platform.
Here some inbuilt speed optimization features which makes it great:

  • Wix Comes with inbuilt Gzip Compression features which minify your website resources such as HTML, CSS and JS
  • Wix Also Comes with the inbuilt caching system which cache your image files

  • It compress your images while uploading to decrease page size
  • Wix load cases and is filed in the best possible way

Wikis continue updating it speed optimization feature to reduce website loading time. It also adds new features with time.

Manage 301 Redirects

You can easily set up 301 redirect using Wix dashboard and remove all google search console error easily.
It is very simple to use and user-friendly.

Add Header Codes

You can add google analytics and google verification code easily in your website header by using some inbuilt feature.
You don’t need to learn HTML and CSS to add code to your header section. Wix provides you the easy way to add code to your website header, Body and Footer.

Noindex individual pages

You can prevent your individual pages from appearing on Google. If you don’t want Google to index some of your pages, then you can do it easily from the Wix dashboard.
It also comes with with features like Sitemap, robots.txt and many others.

Features Which Don’t make Wix an SEO friendly platform

Let’s Discuss some feature Which Prevents Wix from Being an SEO Friendly Platform.

No Nofollow link

Wox doesn’t allow the user to add nofollow to links. This means you can’t nofollow any external link.
Maybe Wix Add this feature in any future update, but currently, this feature is missing from Wix.

Structured Data

Wix Didn’t come with add structured data or says rich snippet. It means if you are selling product on Wix or write the news article in it you can’t add structured data in it.
Initially Structured data didn’t come, but I will show you how you can add structured data in Wix.

Canonical URL

Same as structured data Wix Didn’t add the canonical URL to its pages which means if you can possibly get a duplicate content penalty from Google in your Google Search Console.
Wix Don’t add canonical URL using HTML, it uses javascript to add canonical URL in webpage.

How to Optimize Wix for SEO [Actionable Guide]

Follow Below Actionable step to optimize your website for SEO.

Addind Meta Title and Description

The Two Most important tag Google cares about is Meta Title and Description. Meta Title Is the Title Which Appears in Google search.
On the other hand, Meta description is the snippet below your title in the search engine. It tells users what this page is about.
You have to mate your title compelling to get more click than other searches to run faster.
In meta description you have to write a cool summary, I around 150 words which clearly tell google what this page is about.
To add Meta Title and description in Wix pages goes to Wix Website Editor and click on the side “Menu and Pages” as shown in below image:
Wix SEO Meta and Title
Once you Click on “SEO and Social” it will give you the option to edit your meta title and description as shown in below image:
add meta title and description in wix
Once you have added meta description and Title, Click on publish to save changes.
Wix also provides you with your meta title and description preview in its editor.

Adding Heading Tag

Heading tag Is the Most important Tag of your website. Its importance is same as Title Tag.
According to SEO Experts, You Must Keep Your Heading Tag and Title Tag same for maximum SEO benefits.
Make sure your Page only contains one Heading tag and not more than one Heading Tag.
To add Heading tag same as the Title tag that you added in the previous Step. Go to Wix website editor and open pages in which you want to add heading tag. Add Text to the top of your design and assign it as a heading.
add heading text in Wix
Once you have added heading text, click on publish to save the change.

Adding ALT Text to images

Google can’t see images as User does That’s Why it suggest blogger to use ALT text in the image to define what an image.
ALT text Help google to understand images, content it also acts as a text when the image is broken or not loading.
To add alt text to your images in Wix, Click on image setting in Which you want to add alt text and add alt text in option “What’s with the image? Tell Google”
add alt text in Wix images
Save the change and Done!

Adding Structured Data

Initially, Wix doesn’t allow the user to add structured data in its content, but there is a way I which you can add structured data in Wix content.
Go To Schema markup Generator and choose your schema and fell all info and generate your code.
Schema Generator
Once you have your schema markup, It’s time to add it to your Wix Website.
Go to Wix website Editor > Setting > Tracking and Analytics.
Now you need to add a New Tool There and choose it as a custom and use setting shown in the image:
add schema in wix
You have to paste your code into that text area.
To add the schema to individual pages you can choose your page from option “Choose specific Pages”.
All Done! Save the change.

No Indexing Pages

By adding Noindex to your pages you can prevent some of your pages from Appearing in Google.
No indexing pages with no values is a good idea. You can easily index pages like “Privacy”, “Disclaimer” and Other unworthy pages.
To add Noindex to your pages goes to Wix website editor and follow step shown in below image:
noindex wix pages
Click on “publish” to save the change.

Optimize Wix for Speed

We All Know That Speed is the One of the Most important Ranking factors in 2018. Google Officially Confirmed that Speed is one of them main Ranking Factor.
Wix has Already come with many optimizations. But here something which you can do to optimize your website:
Optimize Image – Even Wix Comes With Inbuilt Image Compressor. But Wix Inbuilt Image Compressor isn’t very good at image optimization. So, I recommend You Compress your images using Tinypng Before Uploading to Wix.
Use the Same Font on Whole Website – Avoid using too many different fonts on your Wix website. This Will increase your website loading time. Stick to one font for the whole website for faster loading experience.
Avoid Animation – I know that animation Improves the look of a website. But Animation Consume a lot of CPU and speed of the website. To decrease your Wix website loading time stay away from too many animations.

Setup 301 Redirect

Redirecting your deleted pages to the new one is a good thing for SEO. This will help you to reduce crawl error in your Google Search Console and Help you to run fast.
To setup 301 Redirect in Wix, Go to Wix Dashboard > Setting > SEO and add your 301 Redirect easily:
redirect wix pages
Save the change and you successfully setup a 301 redirect.

Submit Website to Webmaster

All optimization is a waste until google won’t know about your website. Wix Allow you to add your website in webmaster easily.
To Submit your Wix website to the Webmaster, Go to Wix Dashboard > Marketing Tools > Get Found on Google.
Connect your website With Google Search Console by simply click on “Start Now” and Fill all information and connect your website with Google.
setup wix redirect
Congrats! Your website is connected to Google Now.

Final Words

I hope This Guide Will help you to optimize your Wix website for SEO. If you’ve any issue or need any help regarding this guide, then let me know in the comment section.

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