How To Perform an SEO Audit Using Wildshark SEO Spider

By Ajay Malik on October 8, 2018

How To Perform an SEO Audit Using Wildshark SEO Spider

Performing Site-Wide SEO Audit isn’t a hard task, you just need a perfect tool that can help you to do so. When it came to Web Crawler Tool, Wildshark SEO Spider is a perfect tool that can fulfil your needs.
Wildshark SEO Spider is a free Web Crawler from Which helps you to Perform a Site-Wide SEO Audit and optimize your website for Search Engine.
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Wildshark SEO Spider Tutorial

Wildshank SEO Spider is the Perfect alternative of Screaming Frog Spider tool with some additional features and advantages

Features of Wildshark SEO Spider Tool

Some instant feature of Wildshark SEO Spider Tool are:

  1. Find Long Title – Find Post Title with more than 65 Characters
  2. Missing Alt Tags – Find All Images with missing Alt tags
  3. Duplicate Titles – Find All Post With Duplicate Titles
  4. Short Page Titles – Find All Posts With Titles with less than 45 Character
  5. Duplicate Description Meta Tags – Find Post With Duplicate Meta Description Tag
  6. Broken Links – Find All Broken Links in Your Website
  7. Word Count Too Low – Find All post with Word Count Less than 300 words
  8. missing Meta Description Tags – Find All Post With Missing Meta Description
  9. Missing Titles – Find All Post With Missing Titles
  10. H1 tag Overused – Find all Post Which use more than one H1 tag
  11. Page Load Times – Find Loading Time of all Your Posts
  12. Server Errors – Count The amount of client-server error on your website
  13. Short Page H tags – Count How many of heading of your website are shorts (< 8 Character)
  14. Meta Description Tag Too Long – Count How many of your Posts/ article are too longs
  15. Missing H Tags – Find all Posts Which don’t have any heading tags

Above some main feature of Wildshark SEO Spider Tool That will help you to fix all SEO related error on your website.

Perform an SEO Audit Using Wildshark SEO Spider Tool

You Don’t Need any Technical Degree To Perform an SEO Audit on your website. Some Basic Knowledge is enough to perform an ordinary SEO Audit on your website. To Perform a Site-Wide SEO Audit Using Wildshark SEO Spider, Follow Below Steps:Step 1 – First You’ve to Download and Install Wildhark SEO Spider, Which isn’t a Hark Process for Tech Savvy like You (Am I Wrong ?)Step 2 – Once You’ve Install Wildhark SEO Spider Successfully, It’s Time to use it to analyze your website. Enter your Website Adress in Search Bar and Click Start (As Shown in Below Image).

analyze website with wildshark SEO Spider tool

Step 3 – Once You analyze Your Website With Wildshark SEO Spider it’s Dashboard Will show you some Quick SEO Suggestion shown in above 15 points. Just Tap on them one by one and fix them(Shown in Below Image).

web crawler quick help

Optimize Images – Wildshark will help to optimize Your Images for SEO as well as Speed. Click on images on Wildshark Dashboard, this will give you list of all images with there Alt tags and Image Size.

optimize image with wildshark seo spider

Rich Snippet – Wildshark SEO Spider will Give a brief list about various Rich snippet Used by Your Posts such as Open Graph and Twitter card. To Found all Rich Snippet used in Your Post just Click on Rich Snippet Section in your Wildshark Dashboard (As shown in below Image).

optimize rich snippet with wildshark seo spider

Keyword Search – Keyword Search is a Special feature of Wildshark SEO Spider which tells you which post are most likely to rank for a particular keyword. working of This feature Shown in Below Image.

keyword search feature of wildshark

Analyze page Speed – This feature of Wildshark Will help you to find loading time of each of your post with no. of images contained by each post. You can use this feature to optimize your website for Speed.Also Read: Blogger Speed Optimization Guide

optimize speed with wildshark seo spider


If you’re a blogger who don’t have enough knowledge about messy technical stuff but you know a little something about SEO. than Wildshark SEO Spider is a must Have Tool For You.

Wildshark Tool is simple and easy to use, any blogger with little tech knowledge can access this tool easily without any problem. So, use Wildshark SEO Spider To Perform Little SEO audit on your Website and rank for desired Keyword. If you’ve any doubt regarding this guide then let me know in the comment section 🙂

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