How To Optimize Category/Label Pages for SEO (Best Guide)

By Ajay Malik on October 8, 2018

How To Optimize Category/Label Pages for SEO (Best Guide)

WPBeginner’s category Pages Ranks in Top 3 For Keywords Like WordPress Tutorials, WordPress Plugins Best, WordPress News and Many More. All These Keywords Drive’s Thousands of Traffic to WpBeginner through category Pages.
(Today I’ll Show You How You Can Optimize Your Category/Label Pages for SEO to drive thousands of Traffic from Google)
found amazing?

Most SEO Experts Tells You to NoIndex your Category, label Pages. But They Didn’t tell you Why, or Give Some Reason Like “These Pages Decrease your CTR in google”.
They didn’t tell you how to optimize these pages for SEO or maybe they didn’t know this.
want to do wordpress category seo or blogger label seo?

What are category/label pages?

Categories group individual Web pages together based on a similar subject or theme. Widely used in blogging platforms like WordPress, categories give order and structure to a website’s content or its taxonomy.

seo category page

Mostly Category Pages Used For Site navigation, but Noindexing Them isn’t a bad Idea When You have Too Many Category Pages or You Are Not A Niche Focused.

Why SEO Category/Label Pages?

Almost 10 out of 9 Website noindex or nofollow there Category Pages, Because They Though These pages Are Waste or Damage There SEO.
But I’m sure After Reading This Post you’ll change your mind.
Here’ An Example of Category Page of WPBeginner Which Ranked for WordPress News A 6000 Search volume keyword.

image showing preview of serp of wpbeginner

As You can See above Page Contain Post Title as Anchor Link. Which Improve Look Of this page and Also CTR.
There Is So Many Reason Which Makes Category/Label Pages Powerhouse of SEO.
Here’s How an SEO Optimized Category/Label Page Look Like.

image showing wpbeginner category page

Above Page Is the Best Example of SEO Optimized category Page.
Let’s Discuss Why SEO Love These Pages.
1.)They Act as a New Blog in Sub Directory.
When it came to category pages there Look similar to the homepage. Because They also contain posts like homepage/archive page but the difference is that they only contain a specific post.

sub directory

This makes The a Niche Based Small Website in You Sub Directories. And As You Know Niche Perform Better Than Any Other Website for a Specific Keyword. (Assume all category/Label Pages as a Small Keyword Based Niche In Sub-Directories)
Here a Flow Chart from Which help you to choose between Sub-domain and Sub-Directories.

image showing difference between sub-domain vs sub-directories

2.)LSI Keyword Optimized

LSI (Latent semantic indexing ) Keyword is Used By Google to understand a keyword Topic.LSI makes a lot of sense too. For example – Search engine discovers a page with the word “Apple” on it, how does it differentiate whether the Apple is a fruit, Apple is a brand or Apple is name of any pet? It uses Latent semantic indexing keywords, if there are words like fruit, taste, flavor in the article then it would be easy for search engine to determine that the article is all about the “Apple fruit”. Hence in this example fruit, taste and flavor can be termed as LSI keywords for keyword “Apple”.
lsi keywords

Assume a Category Page About Best WordPress Plugin. Now, remember Some LSI keyword when you Talking About WordPress Plugin.
Of course! Plugins Name
So, All Post Title or summary act as an LSI keyword in Category Pages.
Almost All blogger add a Label page or category page link in There Blog Post. Which Makes Category Pages High Valuable.
Because All Your Pages (Some of them Maybe ranked 1st for some keyword) Linked to a Single Page which increases that page authority.
4.)Updated Continously
When it Came to Single Post/pages most blogger Often update them. But Think About a Pages Which Update Every Time When You Publish a Post. Google Give value to those pages which update simultaneously.
5.) Search Snippet
When it came to Increase CTR most SEO expert Suggest you make Your Title Cool. But to Add More Value to Your Search Snippet You can Use Breadcrumbs.
(Breadcrumbs are Site Navigation Element Which Tells you The position of Current Page With Respect to homepage)
And Also, as We discuss above How Google add Your Posts as anchor text in Your Search Result for Category Pages. Which Increase your CTR a Lot and help your Page to rank fast.

When to SEO Category Pages?

You Can’t SEO all Of Your Category Page. NoIndexing Some of them is a good idea.
Here Some Points Which Help You To Choose Your Category Pages to Optimized.
Low Competition Keywords
Optimize Those category/label Pages Which Target Low Competition Keywords or Low Volume Keyword.
You can’t Rank Your Category Pages for Keyword with a lot of competition, or The Keyword for Which many High Authority Website Already Ranked.
Category Topic
Basically, Category/label Pages contain Groups/Set of Post. So Keyword Where Audience Search for a List/group is best for SEO.
As we discussed in above example, Best WordPress Plugins is a group of WordPress Plugins. You Can’t Rank for Keyword Like “Blogger” instead of that you can rank “blogger tips”.
Updated Less Frequently
Category Pages Which Update Less Frequently are best for SEO. Because When you Update Your Category Page daily Google will Confuse While Ranking for your keyword.I recommend You To Now To Add New Post Until You Ranked For Your Keyword.
Because Google Can’t Rank a Dynamic Page Which Changes its content daily.

How To SEO category pages in wordpress

In WordPress, There are many Customization Available to Optimize Category Pages.(I recommend You To Install Yoast SEO before Starting Our Guide)
Once you Installed Yoast SEO Plugin Then Follow Below Steps.
Setting up Yoast SEO
By Default Yoast SEO Didn’t optimize for SEO category pages. follow below steps to optimize Yoast SEO for Category pages.

Follow Below Steps to Remove /category/ from your URL Slug.

remove category url slug

Next, You Have to Enable Breadcrumbs. To Enable Breadcrumbs Follow Below Steps.

add breadcrumbs in wordpress

Now Follow Below Steps To remove unwanted words from your category title.

optimize category title

All Done! save changes and move to next Step.

Editing category page
Once You Done all change in Yoast SEO, Now follow below steps to edit your category pages.

go to category section in your dashboard and click edit on your desired category.

optimizing category page

Now Add Your Title, URL, and content.
Now Below Your Post Edit Your Meta Title and Meta Description in Yoast Meta Box.

Yoast Preview

You Can Noindex Some of Your Category by using that Yoast meta box. Just Follow below Steps:

noindex some page in wordpress

All Done! save the change.
I’ll hope you now understand how to optimized category pages in WordPress.

How To SEO Blogger Label Pages

In Blogger we Don’t Have any Plugin Available to Optimize Our Label Page. But Don’t Worry I’ll Show You how to optimize Label Page in Blogger without any plugin.

Here Some Best Tips To Optimize Label for SEO
1.)Use Small letters on a label.
2.)Use Only Word Label.
3.)For Two Words Label, use “-” between them.
4.)Avoid Too mush label per post.
5.)Never User same label for two posts to avoid duplicate content penalty.

These are Some Best Things That we do to Optimize Blogger Label for SEO. Read Our Complete Guide About Blogspot SEO.


I’ll Hope this Post Will Help You to Find all Answer To Category page SEO. If I miss Something or You Have Any Suggestion Then Don’t forget to comment Below.

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