Screaming Frog Tutorial: Step By Step Guide

By Ajay Malik on October 8, 2018

Screaming Frog Tutorial: Step By Step Guide

If You’re Interested in SEO or digital marketing your probably heard of this Semi-free tool named screaming frog. Screaming Frog is the most useful tool available for free to perform an SEO audit.
Mostly all SEO auditor use Screaming Frog to analyze there client’s website to improve its On-page SEO.
Today, I’m Going to show all ways to Use Screaming from to Optimize website for SEO.Follow This Screaming Frog Free Tutorial and You’ll never ask anything about Screaming Frog again.

Screaming frog tutorial

What is Screaming Frog?

Screaming Frog is the UK based Digital Marketing Company which Serve a Tool named Screaming Frog SEO Spider. It available in Two version Free as well as paid. According to Screaming Frog’s website:

The SEO Spider is a desktop website auditor for PC, Mac or Linux which crawls websites’ links, images, CSS, script, and apps like a search engine to evaluate onsite SEO.
The SEO Spider is powerful, flexible and able to crawl both small and very large websites efficiently, allowing you to analyze the results in real-time. It gathers key onsite data to allow CIOs to make informed decisions.

You can Download Screaming Frog for Free From Here. You can also purchase a Premium license key for premium features.

screaming frog official website

Image Showing Screaming frog download page

Here the comparison between free vs paid version of Screaming Frog:

Features Free Version paid Version
Find Broken Links, Errors & Redirects True True
Analyse Page Titles & Meta Data True True
Review Meta Robots & Directives True True
Audit hreflang Attributes True true
Discover Duplicate Pages True True
Generate XML Sitemaps True True
Crawl Limit 500 URLs only Unlimited
Crawl Configuration False True
Save Crawls & Re-Upload False True
Google Analytics Integration False True
Search Console Integration False True
Store & View Raw & Rendered HTML False True
Link Metrics Integration False True
Rendering (JavaScript) False True

Paid Version of Screaming Frog Available for £149.00 Per Year.

Getting Started With Screaming Frog

Once You Download Screaming Frog it’s Time To Use it to perform a site-wide SEO audit to optimize the website for On-page SEO. Install Screaming Frog Spider tool in Your Operating System and follow below steps:

Setting Up Website

Once You Installed Spider Tool, Than Open it and Enter Your website’s domain in the Search bar and click on start.

spider tool website setup

Image Showing Spider Tool Preview

Once You Setup your website in Screaming Frog, Than Its time to Analyze its Data To Optimize our Website’s SEO

Optimizing URLs

1.)Go To URL Tab in Screaming Frog
2.)Click On Filter Tab and Choose Respective Option

spider tool url optimization

Image Showing URL tab in Screaming frog tool

3.) Choose Below Options One by One

Option Name Features
Underscores Underscores OR _s is a line drawn under a word or phrase for emphasis. Make Sure Your URLs Not containing a Underscores.
Uppercase Uppercase or Capital Letters are Not SEO Friendly for URLs
Duplicate Make Sure you aren’t using same URLs for different Posts
Over 115 Characters URL Containing over 115 characters aren’t showing in SERP

4.)When You Choose any of Above Option is Screaming Frog, It’ll show you a List of URLs which containing option’s Property.

spider showing URLs List

Image Showing List of URLs with Uppercase

5.)Find All Underscore, Uppercase, Duplicate ,and URls over 115 characters and Go to your CMS and fix them.

Optimizing Title

1.)Go to Page Title tab and Choose below options one by one by clicking on Filter.

spider tool page title tab

Image Showing Page Titles


Option Name Features
Missing Page With No Title Tags
Duplicate Page With the Same Title
Over 571 Pixels Page Title over 571 Pixel don’t show completely in Google Search

serp preview over 571 pixel

Image Showing SERP Preview of 571px wide search result
Over 65 Characters Page Title with or below 65 characters Tends to rank fast

3.)Find All Title Tag With Missing, Duplicate, Over 65 characters and Over 571 Pixels and Fix them (Use Our SERP Tool To Preview Your Search Result).

Optimizing Meta Description

1.)Go To Meta Description tab > Filter > Choose Below Options one by one.

Option Name Features
Missing Page With No Meta Description
Duplicate Pages With Duplicate Meta Description (Google Didn’t accept same meta description for two or more pages)
Over 1866 Pixels Page with meta description over 1866 Pixel don’t show completely in Google Search.
Over 320 Characters Page with meta Description over 320 character Didn’t perform well in SERP
Below 70 Characters According To SEO Experts Your Meta Description show be in between character 70-320

3.)Find all pages Whose meta Description have any of above thing and fix them.

Optimizing H1 Tag

1.) Go To H1 tag > Filter > Choose Below Option

Option Name Features
Missing Page With missing H1 tag (make Sure Your Page Title tag wrap in h1, Page Without h1 tag affect your SEO badly)

2.)Find All Pages With Missing h1 and Fix them

Optimizing h2 tag

Google Highly Focus on h1 & h2 tags rather than other h# tags.
1.)Go to h2 tab > Filter > Choose Below Option

Option Name Features
Missing Page With missing H2 tag (You must have at least one h2 per page)

Optimizing Images
Optimizing image for SEO is the most important thing because They are engage user more than anything else.
1.) Go to Image tab > Filter > Choose Below Options

Option Name Features
Over 100 Kb Images over 100kb Highly affect your website loading Time (Compress all image or use format like SVG, Jpeg to decrease image size below 100KB)
Missing Alt text Alt text defines the content of an image make sure Your All Images have a Useful Alt text

2.)Find All Images With Over 100 KB and Missing Alt text and Fix Them.

Find Broken Link

1.) Go to Response Codes Tab > Filter > Client error (4xx)
2.) This Will Show a Lists of Links Which Appear to Be Broken, But It Didn’t tell you on which page this link appears.
3.)To Find The Source of Broken link click on that link and choose an inline option below.

broken link in spider tool

Image Showing How to find broken link with spider tool

Generate Sitemap.xml

To Generate Sitemap.xml of your website follow below guide
1.)Go to Sitemaps > Create XML Sitemap

Create sitemap using spider tool

Image showing how to create sitemap with Screaming Frog

2.)Click on Next and then save your sitemap on your Pc.

create Sitemap with Screaming Frog Tool

Image Showing Sitemap tab in Screaming frog tool

3.)Upload it to your website Directory.

Check Robots.txt

You Can Check Resources Block by Your Robots.txt by Using Screaming Frog Tool.
1.)Go to Response Codes Tab > Blocked By Robots.txt.
2.)This will Give you the complete List of Resources which is blocked by Robots.txt.

Find Deep Link

Deep Link Are pages Which Are Too far from Your Homepage. For example, google bot enter into your homepage from there it enters one of your posts and due to internal linking, it reaches to another deeper page. A Deeper page is less crawled by Google bot, it also affects your SEO badly. Site navigation can be used to avoid deep linking.
1.) To Find Deep linking Go to Internal tab > Scroll to crawl Depth. This will give you the link of page which too far away from your homepage.

image showing deep link

Image Showing Deep link in Spider Tool

2.)Copy That Page URL and link to the page which appear on your Homepage.

screaming frog guide

Final Words

Screaming Tool is a Powerful tool to Optimize SEO, Your Can Perform Monthly SEO Audit By Using Screaming frog Tool and Optimize Your Website for SEO.
If You have any suggestion or question regarding this guide than comment below, we’ll answer you soon.
We Update Our Content regularly. So, keep coming back.
Also Read Our Blogger SEO manual.

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