How To Make a Free Website in 2019 (All Platform Guide)

By Ajay Malik on October 8, 2018

How To Make a Free Website in 2019 (All Platform Guide)


Joomla is a wordpress like CMS available for both free and paid version.

Setup a free website on Joomla

Follow Below Guide to setup Your First Joomla Website
Step 1 – Go to Joomla and enter below info to get started.

make joomla website

(Enter your website name and click on “launch Now” to continue)
Step 2 Now you need to verify your email address and create your password.
Once you created your password then go to Joomla panel to access your website. Just log in your email and password you created.
step 3 Now You Need To go to your dashboard. Follow Below step to proceed further.

joomla dashboard

(Choose your website on top right corder and click on Login To Joomla)
Step 4 – Above step will take you to Your joomla dashboard. Which Look Something like this:

Congratulation! You’ve successfully Created your first Joomla website.

Publish Your First Post on joomla

Click on “new article” in your dashboard to publish your first post on Joomla.
This Will Open An Editor in front of you as shown in below image:

joomla editor

(Click on “save” to publish your post)

Access Your blog

Click on “Your Joomla” on top right corner to access your website.


Tumblr is a social media Type blog publising platform which help you to make a free blog with same feature as

How To Start a Free blog on Tumblr

Go to and click on get started, Signup by filling your info like email, password and username.
Once You Created Your Account on Tumblr, Choose five topic in which you’re interested.
You’ve to verify your email address before making your blog on Tumblr.
Follow below Image to make your first blog on tumblr:

tumblr setup
tumblr username

(Enter Your Website title, website URL and click on create blog)
Congratulation! You’ve successfully creates your first blog on tumblr.
Tumblr is like a social media to publish the new post to Tumblr just click on the edit icon in the top right corner and publish your content.


Having a website in 2019 will boost your business sale and help you fast to grow your business.
I’ll hope this guide will help you to make your first website on your favorite platform. If you’ve any issue regarding this guide then comment below.

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