How To Make a Free Website in 2019 (All Platform Guide)

By Ajay Malik on October 8, 2018

How To Make a Free Website in 2019 (All Platform Guide)


Wix Is the fastest Growing Platform to make a free website. It is easy to use as compared to WordPress and Blogger. It use pick and drop technology to edit a website. You don’t need any Technical knowledge to start a free website on Wix.

Advantages of Free Wix Website

Here some major advantages of Wix website:

  • It Offer You Free Domain address as (
  • Highly cutomizable
  • No Coding Knowledge needed
  • More features than blogger and wordpress
  • Plugins available
  • Monetization features available
  • Open your own store
  • Many Pro Theme available
  • Highly responsive and user friendly

Disadvantages f wix website

  • Only offer you 500MB of storage
  • Only 500MB of bandwidth available per month
  • Free subdomain isn’t available only sub-directory available
  • Difficult to use for new users
  • Not fit for making blogs

How To Start a Free Website on

Follow below steps to make a free website on
step 1 – Go to Wix and click on “Get Started”. Click on “sign up” button and fill the below field.

make website on wix

(Click on “Sign Up” after filling these fields)
step 2 A New Window Appear in Front of you, just click on “skip” on bottom right corner.
Choose Below Option in next window.

wix website builder

(Click on “start now”)
Step 3 – Now Choose Your Website Type as shown in below image.

choose wix website type

(Enter Keyword related yo your Website and click on “next”)
Step 4 – Choose Your Website feature as shown in below image or just skip it.

choose wix website features

(Click on “next” to continue setup)
Step 5 – Choose Your Website name in Next Step and Click “next”.
Step 6 – Choose the location of your business or just skip this part.
Step 7 – Review and edit your info and click on “next”.
Step 8 – Choose style for your website as shown in below image.

choose wix website theme

(Choose your theme and click “continue”)
This will take some time!
Edit Your Website Content – Now You’ve to edit your website Content. Just Hover on website component that you want to edit.

edit wix website

(Click on Edit to Edit that component)

edit wix website component

(Edit all component of website in the same way)
Step 9 – Publish your website by clicking on “publish” button in top right corner.
Step 10 – Choose Your Website address as shown in below image.

choose wix website address

(Click on “publish & continue” to make your website live)
Congratulation! You successfully created your free wix website.

Adding New Post in Wix

To add New Post in your Wix Website Click on manage (top navbar) > blog > delete already present post and Click on “New Post”.
Wix Editor is easy to use and simple. you don’t need any high technical Knowledge to publish a post on wix.

Access your website URL

To access your website URL go to website dashboard > site (Topnav) > Click on View Site.
Once your website is opened, copy your website URL address from your browser address bar.

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