How To Make a Free Website in 2019 (All Platform Guide)

By Ajay Malik on October 8, 2018

How To Make a Free Website in 2019 (All Platform Guide)


WordPress is one of the world’s biggest CMS with vast amount of user. WordPress Become so popular due to its great features.
Wordpress offer user to make a free website on WordPress with free sub-domain (

Advantages of WordPress Site

As compared to blogger, WordPress has fewer features available for the free user. But some of the main advantages of WordPress sites are:

  • Offer You to make a free blog
  • Offer you free sub-domain as
  • Easy to use as compared to blogger
  • Jetpack plugin available to optimize site for SEO, security, social sharing and stats

Disadvantages of free wordpress site

  • Can’t access plugin library
  • Can’t edit HTML of your website
  • Can’t monetize your website
  • Theme customization option not available
  • Only 3GB of storage provided

How to Start a free website on

Making a free website on wordpress is easier than any other platform. Follow Below Steps to make a free website on WordPress:
step 1 – Go to WordPress Get Started and fill below information:

getting started with wordpress

(Click on “continue” for furthur setup)
Step 1 – It’s time to setup an address for your wordpress site. Just enter you keyword and choose your favourite address from list.

(Choose only free otherwise you’ve to pay every year for your domain)
Step 3 – Choose Free plan for your wordpress.

free plan for wordpress

Step 4 – Its time to make you new wordpress account. Fill information shown in below image.

make wordpress account

(Fill all information shown in above fill and Press “continue”)
Now you’ve to verify your email address, Just go to your inbox and verify your wordpress account.
Congratulation! You successfully created your first wordpress site.

Understanding WordPress Dashboard

Here’s How you WordPress Dashboard look Like:

wordpress dashboard

WordPress Dashboard is easiest to understand and use.

Adding a New Post

To add a New Post in Your Blog just click on “write” button in top right corner.
If this is your first Time on WordPress Than WordPress Will Guide you through tutorial and tell about each feature of wordpress.

wordpress post

(Explaning above image)

  1. Use This button to add media in your image Images, Videos
  2. Decorate your Post’s text using this button
  3. Assign a category to your post
  4. Add a featured image in your post
  5. Click on “Publish” to make your post live

Access You URL

To Access Your Website URL go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on “View Site” Option.

access wordpress URL

(Now Copy The URL Address Shown in Your Browser Address bar)

Share This URL With your Friends and family to grow your audiance.

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