How To Make a Free Website in 2019 (All Platform Guide)

By Ajay Malik on October 8, 2018

How To Make a Free Website in 2019 (All Platform Guide)

Want to Start Your Online Marketing Journey? What’s better than a Free Website. Website/Blogs are the basic of Digital marketing.
If you have a website than digital marketing will go to be easy for your business. You can Use Your website for Any Purpose. Such as making a blog, earn from it, promote your offline business or sell something.
Making a Website means building a base for your future customers. You can Use Your Website audience to sell your product or to make the buzz for your next product launch.

how to make a free website

If You Don’t know how digital marketing works or how to earn money from a website. “It is better for you to start with a free website”.

Learn to Make a Free Website

There are many platforms which offer you to make a Free Website Such as Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, and Wix. These are the some of the main platforms which helps you to make a free website/blog for free.
2019 is the best timing for giving your business a new website. Let’s Dig this topic.


Blogger is the one of the most famous Platform to make a free website. If was offered by Google and has many advantages Over Other Platform.
From 2010, blogger user keeps decreasing due to increasing no. competitors in the industry.
But this doesn’t mean blogger is a bad platform. It is one of the best platforms to make a free website. If offer more advantages to the free user as compared to other platforms.

Advantages of Blogger Platform

  • It Offer You to make a Free Website, as well as blog.
  • It offer you free domain (You can also add your own custom domain
  • It Help you to monetize your website with any ad network
  • Offer You various Customization Options
  • SEO Friendly, You can Optimize blogger for SEO easily
  • Speed Friendly, You can Optimize your blogger for speed easily
  • Edit HTML of your page (if you’ve knowledge of HTML/CSS and JS you can easily edit your HTML with blogger)
  • 15 GB of Free storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth (Unlimited no. of visitor can access your blog)
  • Free Templates available

How To Make A Free Website on BlogSpot

Making Website on Blogger isn’t a hard Task, you don’t need any technical Knowledge to make a free website on Blogger.
Follow below Steps to make your First Website on Blogger:
Step 1 – Go To Blogger and Sign in Using Your Gmail Account.

make blogger

step 2 – Once you signed In for blogger, Below Screen will appear on your screen.

choose blogger profile

(Choose “create a limited blogger profile”> Add your Display Name and click on “continue to blogger”)
step 3 – Once you enter in blogger dashboard, Below screen will appear on your screen:

create blogger blog

(Click on “Create new blog”)
step 4 – Below popup will appear on your screen when you click on create new blog (as shown in below image)

add blog ingo

* Now, Add Your Website Name
* Rules to Choose website address (
Website Address must we unique.
space, dot, Comma, Capital Character any other special character except ( – ) aren’t allowed.
Keep Trying until blue tick will appear.
* Choose Your Website Template and and click on “Create blog!”.
step 5 Congratulation! You successfully created your first website.

Understanding Blogger Dashboard

Once You created your blog, Your dashboard will appear in front of you(as shown in below image):

blogger dashboard

Access Your Blog

To Access You Blog Click on “View Blog” Option in your dashboard :

blogger preview

(This is How Your Website look Like)
Because we didn’t add any blog post post on our website that is why it is showing “There is nothing here”.

Add Blog Post

To add Blog Post in Your Website go to Your Blogger Dashboard > Posts > “New Post”.
This will Open an Editor in Front of you. You can add your images, text, videos with the help of this editor in your website and use preview feature to preview your blogger website.
Here some key feature in blogger editor:

blogger post

(Defining above image in below points)

  1. Use This feature to control the size of you text
  2. Use these feature for bold, italic and underline you text
  3. Use this feature to upload Image in your post
  4. Upload Video in your post using this feature
  5. Add one word keyword which define your post such as “mobile” if you’re writing about mobiles
  6. publish your post with the help of this button

Share you blog

To Share you blog with your friends and family go to Dashboard > click on “View blog ” option.

share blog

Copy the URL shown in browser address bar and share this URL on social media to promote your blog.

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