Google Search operators: Ultimate guide to use Google (Hacks)

By Ajay Malik on October 8, 2018

Google Search operators: Ultimate guide to use Google (Hacks)

Google Still Ranks Top One In Alexa Top Sites With 2 Billion Active Users. I am Sure You’re One of them.
Have You Ever Face Any problem With making a Google Search? Like You Didn’t Get the Desired result or Solution of Your Problem.
Don’t Worry!
This Google Power user guide will Show you how to Use Google Like a Pro.
Google Also Have Some Search Operators or you can say Google search parameters Which makes it Perfect for People Who Use These Search Operator. Daily Google User Didn’t face Any problem is usual Searches, but If You’re a Blogger and Entrepreneur you Probably Face Many Mismatch Result in Your Google Result.
So, We uses Google Search Operators To Make our Search Relevant and Highly Focused.

google power user

Don’t want to Read whole post?
Full List of Google search operators

Operator/parameter Usage
“word” Search exact “Word”
-word exclude a “word” Seach Within a Site
Related: Show Related Links
allintext: Search for Words in text
allintitle: Search for Words in Title
allinurl: Search for Words in URL
location: Find in particular location
FileType: Search Particular File Type
$300..$500 Search No. Range
* find the missing word in a phrase
OR either word
+ immediately before query
allinpostauthor: Post Written by specific Author
allinanchor: Find anchor text
link: Find link to a domain

Here’s The Deal:

Bookmark Our Ultimate Guide To Google Search Operator for Future Uses and Try To Leave a Comment about Your Favorite Google Search Operator.

Google Search Operators / parameters

Know More about search operators:

Follow Below Search Operators and get your desired search result.

Search Exact Phrases

Didn’t Get the Desired Word in Your Google Search Result, Try To Use this Operator for Exact Search for Phrases.
Just Add a Quotation Marks for your Desired/ Focused Keyword and Get Best Result Which Contains that Keyword:
For Example:
Search “Best SEO Guide” + “2018” instead of Best SEO Guide for 2018.
For Best Use:
Try To Use + Sign to Join To Words or Phrases. Here’s An Tip:

find exact work

Above Picture Showing How We can Use Exact word for blogging.

Exclude a word

Didn’t Want to saw a Particular Word in your Search Result? Try This Parameters to Exclude a word from Your Search Result.
For Example:
If You Want to Know What is Blogging but Google Shows You Blogging Guide for Each search Try ‘Blogging -guide’ This Will remove guide word from your search result.

exclude a word

Search Within a Site

Want to Search a special article from a known website. Use Site: operator to Get best Result.
For Example:
Want to a Search SEO related article from wikihow, Just Search ‘SEO guide‘.
This will show you only link in search result which contain keyword – ‘SEO guide’ .

search within a site

Search Similar

Want to Read More Articles Similar to your Favorite Article or Websites Similar to Your Favorite Website. Use Related: Parameters just before your keyword or Site URL.
For Example:
Want To find websites similar to LinkedIn just Try This in Search ‘’ or to find article Similar to your favorite article just search ‘related:Yourkeyword

search similar

Search for Words in text

‘allintext:’ operator find pages where all terms appear in the text.
For Example:
If you want to Search an Essay a Google Just search ‘Allintext: Essay keyword’.
This will find all Pages which Contain your essay keywords in text only.
for Further Modification us intext: Operator.
For Example:
using Intext:keyword will find pages where keyword appears once in page and than elsewhere such as Title and URL.

words in text

Search for Words in Title

If You Want to Find an Article Which contain exact phrases in Title than must use allintitle: operator.
for example:
Search ‘allintitle:Thor Ragnarok ending explained’ will find exact article whose title contain ‘Thor Ragnarok ending explained’.
For Further Modification Use intitle:

word in title

Search for Words in URL

Use allinurl: operator to find exact keyword in Site URL.
For Example:
Search ‘Allinurl:submit guest post’ will find all pages whose url contain submit guest post.

word in URL

Find anything Related to a particular Location

Want to search something related to a specific location. Use Location: parameters.
For Example:
Search SEO Auditor location:new york instead of SEO auditor new york.
This will make your search location specific.

location specific search

Search for particular FileType

Want to search a particular file type using Google Search? Use FileType:Suffix operator.
For Example:
Search annual report 2014 filetype:pdf get all pdf related to your keyword.

search filetype

Search for Number Range

Separate numbers by two periods to see results that contain numbers in the given range.
for example:
Best Dslr $300..$500 will search all result which contain no. between 300 to 500.

search number range


An asterisk works as a wildcard and helps you find the missing word in a phrase.
for example:
There is a *That Never goes*

either word

if you want to find pages with one of several words, use a capitalized OR. Without OR, results would show pages that include all the terms.
For example:
Olympics 2012 OR 2016 Will Find Pages which Contain info About Olympic 2012 and 2016.

search operators
google search operators


Google Search operator Increase you Power to Use google, it will make you a Google Power User.
You Can Search everything on Google Using Google Search Operators.

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