10 Ways To Use Google Keep To Hack Your Day (Best Tips)

By Ajay Malik on October 8, 2018

10 Ways To Use Google Keep To Hack Your Day (Best Tips)

Time is the Most important thing in life, People Who understand its value becomes successful in their life and who don’t are vanished by it.
When It Came to save my Time, there Are many Lifehacks which makes my day and save a lot of mine time.
Today, I am going to tell you about top 10 proven ways to use Google Keep to hack your day and save a lot of time.

Use Google Keep

Google Keep is a Multi-utility tool from Google which helps you do many things like note taking, file saving, a reminder and many more. which we are going to discuss in this post.
The best thing about Google keep is that it helps you to sync your content across all devices. It available for iOS, Android, Mac, Window and an extension in all famous browsers.
For Best use of Keep, I recommend you to install google keep on all your device and sync with your google id.
Here’s the Deal:

Follow Below guide to Google Keep and I will promise you it will add one more extra hour in your Day.

How to use google keep

I am going to show you proven ways to use Google Keep to hack your day:

1.) Take a note

Google Keep helps You to Take a Note in very Easy Easy And Simple way. Just Google to keep.google.com (available for iOS and Android) and take your Note from any device, any operating system and any location.You just Need a google account to Sign in to Google Keep. You can Attach Pictures, create checkboxes and pin notes to the top with the help of it.

Take a note

2.) Take a Voice note

This Feature available on the mobile device only (IOS and Android).To Use This Feature just Tap on Microphone icon and take a note voice note (or a reminder for yourself)

Take a Voice note

3.) Create Your Labels

If you’re not categorizing your notes you are doing it wrong! because after some time it becomes difficult to find your desired notes among all of your notes.
For Best use of Google Keep, I recommend You to keep your notes organized and label them by the project.

Create Your Labels
    Example of Labels:

  • Routines
  • Groceries
  • Read later Bookmarks
  • Project:School/College
  • Project:Work

Best Tip

Just Add #Label in end of your Note and your note is just labeled now.

4.) Read it Later (in your Phone/Desktop)

Have you ever want to read your interesting article only on your favourite device like PC/phones ?Then this Feature s just for you. If you are browsing the phone and want to read a specific article in desktop only than click on share and save it to your desktop for read later.OR

Read it Later

If you want to read you fab article on mobile while browsing on the desktop then I recommend you to use Chrome Extension This will help you to bookmark an article in seconds.Don’t forget to label your bookmark

5.) Stick to yours Routines

You can set the reminder to go off at a certain time every weekday (or pic which day of the week you want).Use this feature to set your morning routine and night routine (list your tasks to get done in the next day).

Stick to yours Routines

6.) Set Location based reminders

Get a Phone notification and have your shopping list appear automatically when you are at the store!

Set Location based reminders

7.) Join others List

Share the list with your partner(s) to collaborate todo tasks. in real time!And by real-time, I mean you can actually see the change your partner is making as you both editing the same note.

Join others List

8.) Make New habits

keep Using Keep for a month and year and do what your reminder tell you to do!Your new habits are going to build automatically.

9.) OK Google

Use Ok Google Feature to take your notes.Just say:”Ok Google! add tomato to my groceries list“.You can specify exiting lists or it will create a new one.

10.) Save Your Files

You can save your files into google keep and share them with your friends and family easily.

Use Google Keep


I will hope this post will help you squeeze a little time from your busy routine.
If any Google Keep Hack Missed by me then don’t forget to comment it below.

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