Best Free Google Analytics WordPress Plugin For 2019

By ajay on February 5, 2019

Best Free Google Analytics WordPress Plugin For 2019

Google analytic is the best free analytics and data collection tool that available online. It is used by each and every blog and website.
Blogger and marketers love Google Analytic Because It Provides brief detail about your audience behavior for free. Mostly Company Use their Audience Behavior to Run their Business and make the further strategy.
As We Know, WordPress is the Most Popular CMS available today and There are Hundred of Google Analytic Plugin available on it, Which Help website Owners to integrate Google Analytic in their website. Some of them are Free and Some of them are paid.

Chart Showing Google Analytics Usage Statistics

Chart Showing Google Analytics Usage Statistics

We Are Going to Discuss Two Types of Plugin Mostly, One Which Provides Best Analytical data and Other Which Provide Good Speed and also it needs to be free.
The Problem With This Approach is that the Plugin Which Provides Good analytic data can’t Provide Good Speed both these terms contradict each other.
Follow This Guide and Today I am Going to Clear All Your Doubt About Google analytic WordPress Plugin.

Problem With Most Google Analytic Plugins

The Main Problem With Most Google Analytic Plugin is that they Simply Place Google Analytic Script in your website head or footer section and Don’t do anything Special.
The main problem with this approach is that we can do it by yourself without using a plugin by using any of guide available online.

analytic script execution time

As you can see Google analytic script can loads in less than 100ms which was quite fast

It doesn’t help us to fix speed related problem in google analytic script. So, we need Something Special which is out the box and help us optimize Google Analytic for Speed.
The Main Problem With Google Analytic script is that it is an external script which can’t be cached
This is not a bad thing that this script can’t be cached because it has to send every second data to a Google server. If we cache it then there can be few second delays in data but data still go.
So, if you are a website Owner who depends on Audience Analytic data of each and every second than I recommend you do not use any of plugin which I recommend.
If you a small website or Blog Owner who Want Google Analytic data to know about your Website Static and audience behavior than you can use these plugins without a single problem.

Best Google Analytic Plugin for Speed

First, I am going to tell you the only plugin which is best Google analytic plugin to improve your website Speed.

CAOS: Google Analytic Plugin

CAOS Google Analytic Plugin

CAOS Google Analytic Plugin

CAOS is the Best Google Analytic Plugin Which Helps you Place Google Analytic Script in any part of your website and The Interesting thing about this plugin is that it hosts analytic.js script locally means you can cache it
So, How to Use this plugin Properly?
This plugin is Very Simple and Easy To Use just Install it and then go to Dashboard > Setting > Optimize Analytics and enter your google analytic Id and choose below Options and save it.
CAOS Google Analytic plugin Setting

Plugin Setting Which I use for my website

I choose Footer Option because I have optimized My Website for Speed as well as Little Google Analytic Data but If you want more Accurate Google Analytic Data than you can Choose Head Section. Doing this will Provide you even More Accurate Data.
Here’s Why We Place Google Analytic Script in Head Section:
Google Guideline to Place analytic code

Google Recommend Us to Place Google analytic code in Head Section of our website

Google Officially Suggest us to Place Google Analytic Code in Head Section of our Website.
One Question that Was Rising in your Mind that Why We can’t Host Google Analytic Script by yourself without using a Plugin.
before CAOS

image showing analytic script caching time without CAOS Plugin

after CAOS

Image showing Google analytic script caching time after CAOS Plugin

Because Google Update Analytic.js File in every week so you have to update your google analytic script file every week and if you forget an update this might affect your data.
This plugin Automatically Update Local Analytic File every day and help your Google Analytic to stay up to date.

Best Google Analytic Plugin to Collect Accurate Data

As I told you Above Speed and feature are opposite of each other. but if you don’t care about the Speed of your website and more care about what your user do once they landed on your page that I use this plugin:

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Monster insight Google analytic Plugin

Monster insight Google analytic Plugin

Monster Insight is the Best Google Analytic Plugin Which Provides you In-depth Google Analytic data About each and everything.

What is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is a WordPress Plugin Which help you to Integrate Google Analytic in your WordPress Dashboard and Shows its static directly in your Dashboard Panel. It Also provide Various Tracking Option along with link tracking and store Tracking.

Here Some Great feature of this Plugin:

  1. Easy to setup: this plugin is Very easy to set up and it will guide you till last step
  2. This Plugin Shows Your Google Analytic report directly in your WordPress Dashboard and You don’t have to go anywhere to check your report
  3. This Plugin Help you to track each and every link of your website more easily and accurately
  4. If you are a store owner then this plugin is a goldmine for your business because it tracks every aspect of your user from there cart to check out.
  5. This Plugin Help you to collect advertisement data from your website
  6. You can track your conversion and all type of report directly from your WordPress dashboard

This is a Freemium Plugin but its free feature had all thing that you need to optimize your google analytics code.

How do I add Google Analytics to my WordPress dashboard?

Install MonsterInsights Plugin and connect it with your Google Account once it Properly setup now you can go to your WordPress Dashboard > Insights > report and see All your Google Analytic Data there such as pageviews, Top Pages, Top countries and many more.

Google Analytic Plugin to collect accurate data along with Speed

Above we discussed Two Type of Plugin One Which Provides Speed and Other Which Is best To collect Data.
What if we Join Them. This Will help us to collect accurate data and also increase our speed.
CAOS Plugin Provide option to integrate with Monster insight Plugin and replace its Analytic js with Locally hosted analytic.js
So, now you can get features of Monster Insight Along With Speed of Caos Plugin. All you need to do is Install Both Plugin and Go to CAOS Setting and Mark Below Option:

CAOS Plugin Advance option

Additional setting of CAOS Google Analytic Plugin

As a Freelancer, I worked for Many organization and My first choice is always one of Above Plugin. I never Use any Third Plugin for Google Analytic.


CAOS is the Plugin Which Helps you Fix Speed Related Problem to Your Google Analytic script which was a very Common Problem With Every Website.
On other Hand, Monster Insight is the Plugin which enhances your Google Analytic Experience and Provides you very deep Data about your User and website.

Which is the Best Google Analytic Plugin for WordPress?

CAOS is the Best Google Analytic Plugin it helps you Place Google Analytic Code in any part of your website and also help you to host analytic script locally and it can be integrated with monster Insight Plugin Too.

But If you Use both of them Together than You can get enhanced Google Analytic data as Well as Optimized Speed.
It up to you Which Plugin you would like to use, Comment Below if you have any query related to this post of finding a new google analytic plugin that worth this post.

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  1. SaintMalik says:

    Thanks bro

  2. SaintMalik says:

    Am a bit confused on how to set it up bro… Do I have to insert analytics code into CAOS plugin also…

    And I also need your help on my blog page speed setup…

    And which type of social share plugin are you using??..

    Thanks in Advance sir

    • ajay says:

      Once you connect your monster insight with google account than add CAOS plugin and insert your code there too and choose compatible with monster insights.

      If you are using only CAOS than simple insert your code and save changes by choosing head or footer.

      For social share buttons, I design each and every part of this website by myself.

      You can contact me at if you need any help regarding speed, seo or desinging.

      Read our free guide on for more knowledge

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