Above The Fold : Everything Your Need To Optimize in It (Guide)

By Ajay Malik on October 8, 2018

Above The Fold : Everything Your Need To Optimize in It (Guide)

According to a Study, the First appearance of Your website decides whether audience likely to read your article or not.
What appears when the screen render? This is the question which moves inside your audience’s head because they are here to find the solution to there problem. And if they didn’t get what they’re looking for then it’s bad for your website.Above The Fold Content is the most important part of a website. Most Every blogger tell you to optimize it for SEO but they didn’t mention how?
Don’t worry,
Today I am Going to Show you how to optimize your above the fold for SEO and what are benefits of doing this.You Probably heard this famous saying:

First Impression is the last Impression

This is True in the case of Your Website Because Your Above the Fold Content is The First Impression of your Website to your visitor.

optimizing website above the fold content

What is Above The Fold?

Above The fold is The part of your website which appears to your audience without scrolling when they come to your website.Here You Can saw The Above the Fold of Universal Manual:

above the fold of universal manual

Above the fold of universal manual

in Above Image, You can saw how this website’s above the fold look in different devices.

How to Check above the fold in Different Device?

Your Above the fold content is the most important part of your website and it doesn’t matter which device you’re using your audience’s main focus is above the fold when a page load.
To Cheak how your website’s Above the fold look like in different device you can use your desktop, iPad or mobile.
You can Also use the tool like resizer to Check your website’s above the fold across different device as shown in above image.

How To Optimize above the fold for SEO?

Here’s Some Item Which Your Above The Fold Must Have:

  1. Main Title
  2. First paragraph
  3. Top Part of your Sidebar (if you’ve)

So, how do we show all above Things In Above the fold Content?
Here’s a Deal:
We’re going to change something on your website which optimizes your website’s above the fold.

1. Make Header Small

When it came to Above the fold content, most of the main space eaten by Header of your website. I’m not saying that header is not useful (it is also a most important part of a website.)
We have to compromise with the header to show our post title in Above the fold.
Here a Bad example of Header:

example of bad header

( Why Such Type of header?)
Because no one has enough time to go through tons of animation to reach the content, all people want the solution to there problem.
Here an example of good Header:

example of good header

(That’s SEO friendly)
People can see the solution to there problem when the page loads, they don’t have to go through tons of animation.

2. Merge Navbar and header

navigation Bar also eats a lot of space in above the fold due to which your main content didn’t appear in the main fold.
Here an example of Header + navbar:

example of a merged header and navbar

( save as much space as you can)
While optimizing the website for Above the fold our main AIM is to show post-title and first paragraph in the main fold.

3. Remove Email form

Most website places their email form just below the header for max conversion. but think like this, Why Someone gives there email to you when he landed on your website just some seconds before, he didn’t even know you or maybe he didn’t get his problem’s solution yet.
Here How an Email form below header eats your space:

example of bad placed email form

If your email form performing better than you don’t have to remove just keep it, there are many ways to optimize above the fold.

4. Remove space eating CSS

In Some cases, most of above the fold content made up of CSS which isn’t necessary we can eliminate extra space to show main content in above the fold.
Here an example:

bad example of CSS padding

You can remove waste CSS which eating your space and force main content below the fold.

5. Avoid Too large

Image is the most important part of a blog post and images is also good for SEO.
here an example of space-eating image:

bad example of an image

In above image, only 25% part of image showing rest is below the fold.
Here what you can do to optimize an image for above the fold:

a good example of an image

You can use small images or place images after first the para to show main content in above the fold.

Final Words

Our Main aim of optimizing above the fold is to make our first impression better. We must have to show our post-title and first para in above the fold content.
You can Check all above things before buying a theme or hire someone who can change above things on your website.

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