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21 Things You Need to Do After You Publish Your Blog Post (Best List)

According To a Study, people Like to Share newly Published Content Rather than an Old one or a repurpose one.
I Only Had One Question for You. What You Do Once you Publish Your Blog Post?
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There Are Two Types of blogger Exist. One Which Crosses There Finger And Wishes To Go Viral With Newly Published post and Other which pick their lappy and start promoting their post across the Internet.
You Belong To Which Type of Blogger?
Things You Need to Do After You Publish Your Blog Post
If You Think Your Post Go Viral Because You Wrote In outstanding Way, Than you are wasting your time and content Because Nothing Goes Viral Without High promotion.
One Common Thing in all successful blogger, Is that they do a lot of hard work to promote their viral content. Because as I say nothing goes viral without hard work.
If You Didn't Know What To Do Once You Published Your Blog Post then Don't Worry.
We Find Best 21 Things To Do after your publish your blog post.

Things You Need to Do After You Publish Your Blog Post

Send Promotional Emails
Email List Is The Best Way To Get Instant Traffic To Your Newly Published Blog Post.
If You have an Email List With At least 500 Contact Than Go Ahead and Send a Great information Email. Which Give Your Post a Starter Traffic.
Make Sure Email Doesn't look Selfish (You Begging for traffic). instead, You can Make a Great Summary Of Your post and add a link to your post in last.
Here Some Point To Remember When Sending Your Promotional Email:
1.)Don't Send To Those Contact Who Only Subscribe To a Special Offer Not Your RSS Feed
2.)Don't Decorate Your Email Too Much.
3.)Keep it Simple and relevant
4.)Send It, When Your Subscriber Are Mostly Active (use Analytics)
5.)Make It Useful
I'm Sure above Points Will Help You To make your promotional Email Useful. The only Thing Which Matters is Email Marketing Is Trust. never try To Spam Your users. Because Email Marketing is The Most Engaging technique when Used Properly.
People Only Share There Email To You Because They Found You Worthy Probably They trust you. Try To Send Some Email Without Promotional Links Just To Help Your Audience. Doing This Will Increase your Trust.
Find Influencer
According To Neil Patel, Skyscraper technique Is the best Way To Rank In Google. Here skyscraper Technique in a nutsheel:
Find The Best Performing Content In Your Industry, Make A Way better Content Than That Top Content. Find people Who Already Share That Top Content and Show Them yours. Just it !
Even you're Not Usign skyscraper technique But you can Apply it To All Your Content.
1.)Go To Buzzsumo To Find Best performing Content in Your Industry.
buzzsumo top content
2.)Now Find people Who Share That Content. You Can Easily Do this With The Help of Buzzsumo
buzzsumo influencer
If You Sharing You Old Content Than Don't Contact All Of the Influencer. They not Going To Share Your Content.
Instead Of That Try To Find People Who Are highly Interested In Your Topic by Clicking on "View Link Shared " And Find person Who Shares Things Mostly Related To your Topic.
use buzzsumo to find influencer
Once You Find All People Who Are Highly Interested In Your Topic. Now Contact them and Send Below Message:
Hello (blog or website owner’s name),
I found You're Highly Interested in (Topic).Recently, you Shared Many Useful Article related to (Topic). I really Found Them Very Interesting.
Actually, I wrote A In-depth Article Related To (Topic). I Hope you Found it Useful. Here's Link: YOUR_URL
Before Sending Your Message I Recommend Some Tips:
1.)Your Article Must Be Useful
2.)Share Only High-Quality Article With influencer
3.)Don't Forget To Share Thanks, Who Share your Article (Doing This Will increase Your Influence in Industry)
Search For Backlinks
Making backlink Is The Most important part of SEO. You Never Rank Your Article in High Competition Without Making High-Quality backlink.
In Some Case, Where Competition is very Low. you can Optimize Your On-page SEO and Write In-depth Article To rank. In This Situation, you can Rank Without backlink.
But When You're Competing with authority blogs, You'll Never Rank Without Making Backlink.
The Easiest Method To find Source To Make backlink is Link Roudup posts. Here Link Roundup Technique In a nutshell:
Most Bloggers Collect Best Article related To There Topic And write a roundup Post about them. Some Of These Posts are on Monthly or weekly bases. You can Contact This Blogger and ask them to add your post in the there roundup post. Doing This Will give you a high-Quality backlink.
Go To Google And Search For:
1.) "Your Topic" + "Link Roundup"
2.) "Your Topic" + "Resources"
3.) "Your Topic" + "Weekly Roundup" + "date"
4.) "your Topic" + "link list"
5.) "your Topic" + "resources link"
Once You Find Roundup Post Related To Your Topic than Contact The Website owner And Send them below Email:
Hi (Website/blog owner),
I just stumbled on your new year roundup this afternoon. Good Stuff!
I'm just reaching out because I recently published an in-depth (YOUR_POST_TOPIC) post that might be a good fit: YOUR_POST_URL
Either way, keep up the awesome work :D
Here Some Tips To Make great Backlink:
1.)Don't Stop at one Email (try To Send As Many Email as you Can)
2.)Try To Use Different keyword When Searching on Google
3.)Use Advance Google Search To Find Latest Roundup Post.
Perform SEO Audit
As We Discuss Above, You can Rank Your post in low Competition Without Making backlink.
But you can't Do This Without Optimizing Your Website for On-page SEO.
Best Free Tool Which I Use To Optimize My Site's On-Page SEO is SEO Site Checkup.
Go To SEO Site Checkup and Enter Your post's URL Address.
seo site checkup score
Fix As Many errors as You Can Improve Your Website On-page Score. You Can Use Google Chrome latest feature To Perform an SEO audit.
Go to Chrome Store and Download Google's Official Extension lighthouse.
Open Your blog Post and perform a SEO audit Usign Lighhouse.
Use Our Blogger SEO guide To Optimize Your Website SEO.
Answer Question
One of Most famous method To Drive Ton of traffic To Your Website is by Answering Question on Website Like Quora.com and Yahoo answer.
Millions Of User ask Daily Question on both These Website Related To All Topics. Take benefit Of Your Knowledge About your topic and answer There Question. You can include Link To Your blog post In Your Answer.
Traffic from both There Website Is highly target and engaging. Because They Are Searching For What You Serve on your Website.
Here an Great Example of Answer with Link:
answer on quora
Here Some Best Tips Which I recommend You About answering Question:
1.)Don't Add Link To Your Website in in-relevent Question (Focus On your Topic Only)
2.)Don't Spam or you'll Be Blocked
3.)Try to Answer Question briefly and add link in last
Make A Pinterest Graphic
Pinterest Is the Second Most Image Sharing Website After Instagram. According To Some Marketers Pinterest in the image Search Engine.
As Google, Pinterest Also Can Be Used To Drive Thousands Of Traffic To Your Website.
The only Thing Which matters to Pinterest is Great Graphics. Your graphic can be pinned By Other Pinterest user Which make Your Pin More visible on Pinterest. As a result, you'll get More traffic From Google.
The best Tool that I recommend You to Make Pinterest Graphic In Canva.com
Go To canvas, Select Pinterest template And make Cool Graphic and Publish On Pinterest with useful Description and hashtag.
Here An Example of Outstanding Canva Graphic.
Here Some tip That I recommend You About Pinterest Graphic:
1.)Try To use same color template for All your graphics
2.)Add Your watermark in bottom of Your Pinterest Graphic
3.)Use Pinterest Rich Pin To Increase Engagement of Your pin
Participate in Twitter Chat
Twitter Is the Second Most Famous social Media on facebook. According to Marketers, Twitter is The best Social Media To Get New Influencer.
Twitter Chat Is the best way to get new influencer. I recommend you tweetchat.com to participate in a twitter chat.
To Find a Twitter Chat Related To Your Topic Go to Google and Search:
"your Topic" +" twitter chat"
Now use Above Tool to participate in Twitter Chat.
Share on Social Media
Social Signal is One OF The top Ranking factor for SEO, Plugins Like Yoast SEO will Allow You to auto post on All Social Media Whenever You Publish a Blog Post. but If you aren't using any plugin that I recommend You Ifttt To Automate Your Social Sharing.
You Can share your post by Yourself By Adding rich Description in your Post in all Social media.
Here Some popular Social Media Which I recommend You:
There Are Many More Social media Which Can Drive A Lot of Traffic To Your Website. Don't miss Any Social Media while sharing Your Post.
Put in Instagram Description
Instagram Is one Of the Most Famous Image sharing Website. Most Marketers Don't use Instagram To Get Traffic to There Website. because Instagram Didn't allow the user to share the link in There post.
But Instagram Allow You To Put A Link To Your website in Your Profile Bio. You can use that Feature To drive Thousand Of Traffic To Your Website.
Here an Best example link sharing on instagram:
instagram traffic
Just follow Above technique and Drive new traffic to your newest blog post from Instagram.
Instagram is the second most popular place to get most engaging influencer. Most marketers use Instagram ads to promote their business on Highly engaging Platform.
Engage in Facebook Groups
Facebook Group Is the Best and Fastest Way To Drive Thousand Of Traffic To Your Website. Use Facebook Group To Promote Your Newly Published Blog Post.
Most blogging Groups Don't allow members to Share Link. But you can Post Your link in comment In weekly promotion thread. or help Other members.
Go Live
facebook Live Is The Best Way To Get New Follower, But You Can Use It To Promote Your Newly Published Post Too. Add Link To Your Post in Desc. or in the bottom of that video before starting Your live stream.
Use Instagram Stories
Now You can add link your Instagram using Instagram stories. Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Post.
Here the best Example of Instagram Story With Link To the article:
instagram stories
Make a inphographic
Infographic is the New and the best way to increase engagement. But You can use Infographic To Promote Your Blog Post. Add your Link in end of Infographic and Promote in across social media and forums.
You can use infographics to get the New link. Just offer some other blogger your Infographic in return for a backlink.
You can use Embed Code Generator to promote Your Infographic.
Here an Example of the Infographic script below infographic for promotion:
inphographic promotion
get indexed
As we Know, it takes time to index a post. but you can bypass that time and index your website faster than usual.
To do this go to your webmaster console > Crawl >Fetch as Google.
Enter Your link and select request indexing.
fetch as google
Write a Guest Post
Guest Post is The Most effective and long-term way to get new traffic. Find a Blog which allows you post Guest Post. Just Searches on Google:
"your topic" +"submit guest post"
and Write a High-quality Guest Post Which Gives You New visitor Daily.
Bookmark It
There are Thousands of Bookmarking Website Which help your Link to bookmark. These bookmark will increase Your SEO slightly and help you To rank fast.
Go To Bookmarking Site And Add Your Post there. To Find all bookmarking Site Use Tool Like Knowem.
Promote Graphics
If Your Image Have any Good graphics You can Promote it on all image sharing the website with a watermark at the bottom of that image.
Some best Image sharing website is:
Respond Comments
Comment is one of the Main Ranking factors nowadays and it allows you to interact with your user. Just Ask some question in your post and respond to all comment. Which tells the user that You aren't a Bot but a real internet User. This Will Increase Your Trust Among Your user.
Refresh It Weekly
Update Your post on Weekly bases with the new data. Doing this will tell your audience that this post is still worthy and All information that you serve in your post is still Useful.
Updating Post Will Also Increase Your SEO. Because Google Love newly fresh Content Rather than Old one.
internal Linking
Add link you Your Newly published Post in Your Old Article or in Top Pages. Interlinking Will help Google To Crawl Your Website better.
Track Your Performance
As People say, always Learn from Old Mistake.
In Blogging, You can Track Your Performance By Using Tools Like Google analytics and Bitly. And Use That Data To Improve Your Next post
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Without promotion, Your Post is a waste, If You Do nothing to promote You Post then nothing will going to happen to your post. nobody sees it.
So Go ahead and promote Your Post as Musch as You can.
If You have Any Question Related To This Post Then Comment below. We'll Respond You Soon.
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